Writing a Vacate Letter

Description of Intent to Vacate Letter

If you intend to vacate a rented house, the most important step in the process is to take your time to tell the owner of the place your intention to resign the contract and write an intent to vacate letter, especially if the departure is before the expected time of the lease.

Tips – Recommendations – Intent to Vacate Letter

So, first of all you have to write a letter to the landlord stating that you are about to resign a contract and leave the premises sooner that settled. Sometimes you have to write the letter in time, especially if you pay a rent per month. In these cases you must give the owner of the place at least ten days notice of your departing.

1- Address the letter to the landlord in a polite way, staring your letter by “dear landlord”.

2- State at the beginning of the paper that you are writing an intent to vacate letter.

3- Make sure you inform properly the exact moving date. If suitable, state the reasons why you are leaving.

4- Make clear that this letter will serve as a written notice of your intent to vacate the premises.

5- You may ask for a deposit refund.

6- Sign the letter and write a formal salutation of the kind “Sincerely”.

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