Writing a Work Letter

Description of Work Letter

To get a new job a candidate has to go through several stages, starting with submitting his or her resume to the human resources managers of a company.

But many times the job offer gets hundreds of applications and candidates must compete in order to get the job. That is why it is very important to have a cover letter or a work letter to make a good first impression. When an employer receives hundreds of resumes he or she will begin slowly to throw away those that do not convince him/her.


That’s why a good first impression is essential to move to the next step and get a job interview.

To write a good work letter, you must follow some tips.

1- First of all, be honest and do not exaggerate your abilities, as you might sound pedant.

2- This letter must be clear and sound professional. Avoid errors and misspellings.

3- Explain why you consider yourself a good candidate, highlight your past experiences and qualifications.

4- Make sure you know exactly what skills they are looking for so that you will highlight what they expect and not unnecessary information.

5- Finish your letter with a proper salutation and a request for a future interview.

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