Vacation Letter

Description of Vacation Letter

A vacation letter is a written to request vacations in a period of time. This formal letter is send often to companies by the employees and needs to be written in a formal tone, especially if you really want that vacation.

Example of Vacation Letter

Vacation Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

The structure of the letter is not complicated but is different of others.

– First you need to write your full name, optional position, full address followed by the date of the vacation letter.

– Second, name of the company, the slogan and the full address followed by the subject of the letter, in this case vacation.

– Third, the greetings followed by the content. And last, the closure, the proper goodbye and your signature.

Now we already explain the structure, so we will explain the content. This part is very important because it will help you to success get your vacation. In the beginning of the content specify that you are requesting your vacation and date that you want the vacation.

The following part will be the reasons, put the time that you were working in the company and if you want, the purpose of your vacation, especially if it’s a family vacation, you can fill the rest of the letter with important reason the encourage your employer to give you this lovely vacations.

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