Thank You Letter

Description of Thank You Letter

A Thank You letter is a written made it to thank an interviewer about a job opportunity and the time expended in the interview. The next is a formal thank your letter that you can use to base the written of your own thank you letter.

Example of Thank You Letter

Thank You Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

The letter is divided in five parts like and any other letter that are used to send to a company or a member of the organization, should be write in formal tone. The parts are address of the recipient, your own address because you are the sender, greetings, content and closure.

The address of the recipient and the sender should be filled with full information and no mistakes, especially in the name. The greeting will be “Dear” but never “To Whom It May Concern” because obviously you already meet your interviewer and it is also, more polite.

In the content try to explain why you thanks the interviewer, like the time expend, coffee break, explanation of the job, etc.

and also, use the space to explain your skills again but be subtle about it.

Finally, in the closure thanks again and explain your enthusiasm to be in contact with the reader, also write your farewells and hand-written signature.

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