Termination Letter

Description of Termination Letter

A termination letter is a written send by an organization to fire an employee. The document confirms the information and detail of the firing that the former employee need to know. The next is a blank termination letter example will help you to write the notice the employee you want to fire.

Example of Termination Letter

Termination Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

The structure of this letter is divided in several and important parts that you should not skip. The head of the company is very important to make the letter official and also the address and date of the letter. Never forget to mention in the letter that is personal and confidential.

The address needs to be filled with the information of the employee, and if you don’t write the position in the content, the address part should be containing this information.

In the content you need to put the name of the company and the effective termination date followed by the reason of the termination. Optionally you can provide the tolerance date with the first day and the final day.

Also you can explain the loans outstanding and the properties of the company that are in the employee position.

To limit the day that the employee can take his or her properties from the company you can add more days with “no later than”, giving more tolerance days and finally, the rights limited when the employee can no longer access to the company.

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