Suspension Letter

Description of Suspension Letter

In a situation of misconduct or breach of any duty, sometimes a superior must face the responsibility of writing a letter of suspension.

Tips – Recommendations – Suspension Letter

These letters can be sent to inform a person that he or she is to be temporarily removed from his or her position, either in a job, a school, a club, and so on. In case of a suspension letter from employment, the employee is formally requested not to attend work for a period of time.

Certain things must be taken into account, for instance:

1- Include the reasons why the person is being suspended and the rules broken or misbehaviors.

2- Specify the period of time during which the person is not allowed to attend his or her position.

3- State whether or not the employee will be paid his or her normal wage or not while being suspended from work.

4- Be always formal and up to the point. We are not talking about giving a lesson, just letting somebody know his or her situation of suspension.

5- Sign the letter to get full responsibility. Suggest that when in doubt the employee can do the necessary consultation. At the same time you can write about your expectations that this situation would not happen again in the future if he or she cooperates.

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