Sponsorship Letter

Description of Sponsorship Letter

A sponsorship letter is a request for sponsorship money for an event, video, etc. To make the letter look more official and authority you can use your company letter head, also this lend professionalism to your letter.

Example of Sponsorship Letter

Sponsorship Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

After the head leave some empty lines before put the address of the recipient and be sure of let space for your content and hand-written signature.

– First, introduce your company giving a description and put if your organization is non-profit or profit.

– Second, explain the purpose of the event, video, etc.

– Giving some details like the number of attending people, this is very important because the sponsorship need to know what kind of publicity they will receive.

– Four, never forget to be polite and use words like would, could, grateful, pleasure, etc.

– Five, explain the potential of your event and how the publicity will appear like banners, logo placement, online ad, etc.

– Six, ask a to answer the letter and give to the potential sponsor the contact information, like address, telephone number, email, etc.

Finally, thank the sponsor for his or her time reading your letter. Never thank the sponsor for the money because the sponsor is not accepted the deal yet.

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