Shipment Letter

Description of Shipment Letter

The goal of a shipment letter is to protect the cargo and the consignee of the load and give trust about the responsibilities of the others. This contract is a document used in the sea transport that is a requirement in a transport deal of merchandise in a regular line vessel.

Example of Shipment Letter

Shipment Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

This document is used to certificate the responsibility of the merchandise and to guarantee the deliver; record of freight; and a representative contract of charter in some cases.

The document can be emitted like a negotiable document that can permit the transfer of the property of the merchandise. The shipment letter is the most used in the documentary credits because the financial entity figures like the consignee of the cargo and can be endorsed by a client like the importer and buyer of the merchandise.

The document need to have the properties and data necessaries like shipper, document number, export references, consignee, forwarding agent references, notify party, references for the merchants, the name of the one who pre-carriage, place of receipt, number of vessel or voyage, port of loading, port of discharge, place of deliver, final destination that is a reference to the merchant, container, particular furnished and the properties of the items. The next is an example of this document.

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