Sales Letter

Description of Sales Letter

Example of Sales letters is a direct mail or sometimes spam without formal structure, designed to convince the recipients to purchase particular items and services like subscriptions, this letter try to replace a salesman.

Example of Sales Letter

Sales Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

The difference between sales letter and direct mail techniques like catalogues or offers is that this kind of letter is directed to potential customers.

Since the beginning of the internet using, the sales letter become an important and integral part of the online marketing, because the potential customers are based in a data base of thousands of email address of different customers, making easy to detect the most attractive customers.

The sales letter are mostly make it with a general structure that includes a head line designed to get the attention of the reader; a body copy of testimonial and the properties of the product or service; a call to action that intend to convince the customer to purchase; and sometimes an attractive graphic design with images about the service or product.

Also there is various format and the images are not always obligatory, but the head line, body copy and contact information are obligatory because this are the way to convince and contact the potential customer.

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