Recommendation Letter

Description of Recommendation Letter

A recommendation letter is a written made it to provide trust in a person who will make a job, declaring that he or she is prepared for the job or the position. This kind of letter is not especially hard to write because have common elements with others letters and with the help of the next example and instruction you can write your own recommendation letter.

Example of Recommendation Letter

Recommendation Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

With the objective to write a good letter you need to target the recommendation so your letter will be focused on the specific purpose. Also, talk to the person you are recommended to learn more about him or her, but it’s not necessary if you know deeply the recommended person like a relative or closest friend.

Now you can start the letter.

– First, add the sender address aligned to the right and the recipe address to the left.

– Second, the greetings followed by the content and finally the closure and farewell.

Now you know the structure, you can focus on the content, which is the most important part, because in this part you need to redact the reasons about why you recommend this person for the job, position, etc.

If you don’t know how to start, write about your good experiences with the person and make a summary with the aptitudes of the person that match with the job to don’t vague in the aptitudes.

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