Query Letter

Description of Query Letter

A query letter is a formal written send to an agent to introduce you and your novel, book, etc.

Example of Query Letter

Query Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

The structure of the content of a query letter mostly has four clear and concise parts, the introduction, the synopsis, the biography and the closure.

The introduction is firstly one of the most important parts, because despite the formalities you need to be friendly with the recipient, slightly introducing your book or novel with pleasure and engage, explaining what you will you talk about this part is sometime mixed with the biography to surprise the reader with the knowledge of the writer.

The synopsis is when you explain the content of your book in a briefly resume that try to express and let clear the nature of your book, inspire yourself don’t forgetting that this is for what you work.

The biography, this part can be with the introduction but if you want to separate this part from that, will be great but don’t take too much words because could be appear that you are most important than your book.

Finally, the closure, in this paragraph you should write your appreciation, encouraging the agent to contact you. The rest is the formal structure, like contact information greetings, farewell and signature.

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