Professional Reference Letter

Description of Professional Reference Letter

Sometimes when applying for a job you need a recommendation letter.

Tips – Recommendations – Professional Reference Letter

This has to be done by a former employer or teacher, for example, someone with a certain reputation that can stand for you and write a proper professional reference letter to your future employer. A reference letter is very important because it is going to be the first contact a candidate has with the company.

If you are about to write a letter of this kind, you have to remember that it is a formal document used to testify a person’s skills and achievements, in order to help him/her get a job position. Make sure you follow the steps below.

1- First of all make sure you know the person in question and do not lie about any aspects. Sometimes it is better to add some weak points to improve rather than highlight all positive ones.

2- Second, you have to know that the person is capable of doing all the things you are writing about, that is to say, you can give factual examples of shared experience.

3- Keep a formal style, avoid an informal manner.

4- Do not mention any information regarding the personal data of the candidate, such as race, religion, political opinions and etcetera.

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