Power of Attorney Letter

Description of Power of Attorney Letter

A power of attorney letter is an authorization written to act or represent a person in business, private or legal issues. The grantor, principal or donor is the person who authorizes the other act.

Example of Power of Attorney Letter

Power of Attorney Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

The letter need to be the header to specify that the letter is a “Power of Attorney”, the name of grantor and the person who will be the represent of the donor, and you also specify the place and date of the representation, the movements that the person is authorized to do and the date frame if it is necessary.

After explain all the responsibilities of the persons, you can put the hand-written signature of the donor and the seal of approval of the organization, including the address.

Also, include the full name and the designation; if it’s possible include the signature of the third party person.
Remember that this kind of letter should be used use in specifically circumstances like if the grantor has no other choice because is in a hospital for recuperation, if has a mental problem, etc.

When this letter is officially signed by the grantor or legal representative, the grantor loss the capacity to make certain legal decision for example in case of a hospitalization he or she can leave the hospital until the person with the power of attorney agree.

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