Permission Letter

Description of Permission Letter

A permission letter is a document used to ask for the use of a part or a complete song, film, documentary or whatever you need the rights of a third party.

Example of Permission Letter

Permission Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

One example is if you want to use a song in a documentary and this song need have the copyrights you need to write a permission letter to ask the person if you can put this song in your work.

Almost all the answer of the permission letter explain important agreements for the use of the third party material, like put the name of the song, the author’s name, links to the information of the song if you will upload your work to internet and also the thanks to the author for let you use the material.

You will notice that the letter is send to the legal owner of the rights of a song that will be used in a video for educational purpose. You need to put particular information like the address and contact of the sender, the purpose of the use and also, in this case, mention what is the theme of the video. Need to clarify if you will use the rights to generate money or if it’s a nonprofit work.

It’s important to annex information of the project; in this case all the information is in a link. The other parts of the letter are like an ordinary letter, like the greetings, farewell, sign and information.

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