Order Letter

Description of Order Letter

An order letter is a written usually used by a Company that buy, purchases or orders services or products from a third party, despite is mostly used by companies the letter can also be used by any person who want to purchase products or services. The next is an order letter example that you can use to guide yourself in the writing.

Example of Order Letter

Order Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

As you can see the letter has a formal structure and before start writing you will never forget to clearly state the products or services, the price and the amount that you will pay.

First, the address and date are very important and next you will put the address of the recipient;

Second, make a polite greeting;

Third, start the content clearly stating the way you found the information of the products;

Fourth, list the products or service and their respective prices, if you need to add more information about the product use a table;

Fifth, put the amount of the payment you will send;

Sixth, include the request of miss information if it is;

finally put your contact information of email, telephone number and your signature, don’t forgetting the farewell, like “sincerely” or in the example case “Very truly your” and your name.

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