Office Letter

Description of Office Letter

An office letter is a form of message used to send information to people or organization outside the company.

Example of Office Letter

Office Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

The format of this letters is highly recommended to be written formal, because is polite, professional and courteous. The format and write of this letter reflect the personality of the author and most important, the business.

There are two ways to write this kind of letter, the first is with the entire format in the left and the other is modified to have contact information in the left, signature in the center and the date in the left, also the content of the letter but this can change depending on the format of the business.

First, as you see the head need to be with the complete address and date. Put the full address and information as much as can be possible; Second is the inside address with tittle, address and full name of the recipient; Third is the greeting, common in the letters; Fourth, the body, is the content of the information you want to explicate; Fifth, complementary closing that could be estandar like “Sincerely”; Sixth, the signature block with the sender full name; And finally end notation used for more information like copies or annexes.

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