Notice Letter

Description of Notice Letter

A notice letter is a format to inform the company where you work, that you no longer assist.

Example of Notice Letter

Notice Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

If you are quitting your job is a good idea to write a good notice letter to provide a formal notice of your resignation.

Even if you tell in person to your superiors about your resignation, you should write a notice letter for your file and also, it is very important to specify the day of your leaving.

The letter can be formal typed, printed and have hand-written signature. If you are quitting your job for problems and very hard circumstances you can send the write via email, because in some situations is the best way to do it.

As you can see in the example above you need to put your contact information, date of the resignation intent, the full information of the company, then begin to write the greeting and causes of your resignation.

To make the letter less aggressive, put all the causes very explained and also, if you think is necessary, that the decision of quit your job is not easy. A good write letter is the difference between an angry company and a sad company, what I try to say is you need to make the company feel like you don’t want to go but the circumstances force you. Finally, don’t forget to leave your farewell and signature.

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