Motivation Letter

Description of Motivation Letter

A motivation letter is a kind write with the purpose of inform a person the interest in her or his work experience and qualifications.

Example of Motivation Letter

Motivation Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

This letter is commonly used to answer a request of job application or to contact a person that was highly recommended by a close collaborator like a friend, relative or a third party company dedicated to find jobs to their applicants.

The letter begin with a friendly greeting and an introduction of the business line, then you use the next part to express that the skills of the reader are the correct for a job that the company is wanting to hire.

You should mention the work place, the responsibilities and the profile of the job. If you can’t assure the hire until an interview you also can invites the reader to visit the company for a tour and an interview, don’t forgetting to mention the necessary documentation to get the job, like the amount they want, the CV or others like a letter of no criminal records.

You can request before finish the letter that the applicant send an explanation of why need the job or why the company need to hire him or her. Finally, write your appreciation of the time invested reading the letter and the information of contact, also can write the info in the beginning of the letter.

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