Memorandum Letter

Description of Memorandum Letter

A memorandum letter is a document redacted to communicate procedures, policies or related change in an organization.

Example of Memorandum Letter

Memorandum Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

The message is a broadcast to an audience of employers of the company or with third party organizations. The purpose of this letter is to inform including occasionally elements to call action, this letter are sent used in the network of the company like the business mail or intranet.

The document is a guarantee of information because the company doesn’t have the time to inform personally the changes, actions or procedures.

The structure and format of the letter is always formal and need the information of the recipients, in this example case are the employees. The content need to clarify the changes that the business want to inform, in the example of above there are three change and procedures informed to the employees.

Also, despite other formats the memorandum doesn’t always have the farewell but instead have notes to encourage the recipients to take action often named a call to action.

To make a better explain the sender needs to explain what the changes are and why need to make them true, for example you can explain that the executive deliberate to change the procedure to make them more efficient.

Because in a company there are departments and not address you can put in the notes the department that answers any questions about the memorandum.

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