Description of Letter

In every letter there should be a part where the information is included, like date, address, greetings, text, body, farewell and sign. These basic elements have different order that depend in the context of the letter, informal or formal. Also, the tone of the letter varies and this depends of the goal you want to reach in. Details of the letter values can be found below.

Example of Letter


How to write? – Advice and Tips

The date is divided by Month, Day and Year for example: Monday, May 05, 2013; The address is very important but could be not detailed so you can just put your state and country, or use an entire format with your complete address; The greetings can be serious like “Sincere greetings from México” or a friendly one like “Dear Luisa Sanchez”.

The content or body is what you want to notify to the addressee, explain yourself and use serious or friendly words depending to the grade of formality between you and the addressee.

Never forget to write your farewell because is very important and polite; Lastly, the signature, your name, your title and if you want can also put your office phone number or even your personal phone number, depending on you trust or friendship with the addressee.

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