Letter of Resignation

Description of Letter of Resignation

A letter of resignation is a letter to inform your employers that you are quitting your job in the organization and the day you will no longer work. The next letter is a simple template to exemplify the use of this letter.

Example of Letter of Resignation

Letter of Resignation

How to write? – Advice and Tips

The letter need to have the address information of the sender and the recipe, in this case you are the sender, the employee and the recipe is your employer or manager. Between this address you put the actual date of the written.

Next you do is put the greetings and in the content need to have the greetings followed by the necessaries explanations of the why are you quitting your job in the organization. You can describe the reason in three paragraphs after you put an introduction.

– The first paragraph explains the time you are working in the company, the name of the company and the time frame and that you are quitting the job.

– The second paragraph explains the reason of quitting the job like the payment, bad parts of the work environment and if you already have another job offer.

– The third paragraph, explain the day in which your quitting will be effective.

The last past is the farewell, with your signature, name and position. Also, optionally the two persons with the CCs.

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