Letter of Intent

Description of Letter of Intent

The letter of intent is one of the most important processes in many applications in the ambit of the school, personal issues and professional purposes.

Example of Letter of Intent

Letter of Intent

How to write? – Advice and Tips

This letter provides the applicant the opportunity to improve and demonstrate their skills, also the personality. A successful one is the difference between accepted and rejected, so your goal is to be professional, believable and informative, keep this in mind.

First and the most important is get the name and address of the person who will receive the letter, between a “To whom it may concern” and the name of the reader, there is a big difference. Second if you want to write a successful letter you need to read the requirements and the instructions, in fact you need to know the information they want and what information they don’t need. Finally, make a first attempt, don’t write directly the letter you want to send, write in a sheet your notes, information that you will need and you don’t have and everything relevant that you want to put in the letter.

Now you need to know the structure, first put the greetings, second introduce yourself and start the writing, when you finish put you’re the information of contact and say goodbye politely.

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