Writing a Layoff Letter

Description of Layoff Letter

The company leaders should take care of many things and make important decisions, among which is deciding about dismissing employees who have not done their job in a proper way, or for reasons of force majeure.

Sometimes it is necessary to dismiss an employee and a superior must send him/her a layoff letter to inform about the dismissal. This is very important and it becomes a legal document. It is always recommended to consult a labor law professional to write this letter properly.


To write a formal layoff letter here are some guidelines.

1- First of all state at the beginning of the letter a precise description of the reasons why you have taken the decision of dismissal. Even if it is a cause of force majeure or internal company problems that do not have to do with the employee performance, it has to be settled.

2- Specify the date of effect of the measure.

3- Describe the payment situation of the employee, for example if he or she is going to be paid unused vacation or get a severance pay.

4- Apologize for this situation and specify if the layoff is temporal or permanent. Also invite the employee to talk about this situation in case he or she had any questions.

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