Job Letter

Description of Job Letter

A job letter is written made it to inform your submit for a job position in a Company or organization. The letter mostly explains why the company should hire you and personal skills. Next is an example of this kind of letter.

Example of Job Letter

Job Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

As you can see the example is a job letter submitted for the position of marketing manager, but before you start your letter, let me explain the parts of this document.

– First, you need to know that a letter of job is always written in formal tone;

– second, put your full address, I recommend to put it to the right to make it look more formal;

– third, write the greeting with “Dear” followed by the name of the recipient and his or her position and the city;

– Fourth, in the content begin to explain the purpose of the letter, submit yourself, followed by the explanation of why you are professionally able to do the job.

– Fifth, if you want to annex your CV write it in the letter and also try to resume the most important parts of your CV, like your experience, education and training;

– sixth, the closure, say that you want the opportunity of an interview;

and finally, put “sincerely” and your signature.

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