Invitation Letter

Description of Invitation Letter

An invitation letter is a written with the clearly objective of invite one or various person to an event like birthdays, sweet sixteen, wedding, or another special one.

Example of Invitation Letter

Invitation Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

The invitation letter is written in formal tone if the guests are not of the family or if the invitations will be send to familiars and friends.

Despite the invitation letters are mostly made with luxurious cards, nowadays by the extend use of the internet the email is a better way to invite a person to an event.

The formal structure of an invitation letter is the address of the event of if you will mention the address in the content, you can put your house direction as main direction, and the next is to fill the information of the recipient with the address and name.

The structure of an invitation is not different to others, it have sender and recipient address, greetings but you need to mention in the content the date of the event, the address of the event and what kind of event, for example if it’s a black tie event.

Finally, try to encourage the reader to confirm her or his assistance.

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