Writing an Order Letter – Sample N°2

Description of Order Letter

An order letter is usually written by a company that has purchased or plans on purchasing services or goods from another party or company, although this type of letter can be written by an individual that wishes to buy or purchase some goods or services too.

Example of Order Letter – sample

Order Letter

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How to write? – Advice and Tips

Before anyone can start writing an order letter they must know exactly what product they are going to order, all the details about it and the most important thing of all, the price it costs and the price it costs being shipped.

Another thing you must know is the details of the purchase, the conditions the item is in, benefits that you can get with the purchase, refunds or extra charges (if any) you must know all of this information.

Now that you have all of the necessary information you can now begin to write the letter:

1. – this is a formal letter so, put the exact date, address and the full name of the recipient.

2. – when you start writing the letter, start with a salutation that is most formal like this, Dear Mr. or Ms. Followed by the name.

3.- now write the body of the letter using two or three paragraphs to deliver the message and all the details you want to deliver about the items you are ordering.

That’s it you are done, you may want to take a look at the sample we have about how to write an order letter just in case I missed out on any details on the steps mentioned above.

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