Opinion Letter

Description of Opinion Letter

Expressing an opinion is a right that many people choose to use. We can give our opinion to be published in a newspaper, a magazine, a website, or send our message to an institution, a teacher, etcetera.

Example of Opinion Letter – sample

Opinion Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

We can express our opinion in all circumstances, and the best way to do it is to send n opinion letter. Most of all, they are sent to the media to comment on news, an article or a current issue, but also we can send opinion letters to institutions, schools, etcetera. An opinion letter has no fixed structure but we must follow certain parameters.

You can find how to write an opinion letter here:

1. First, if you are writing to a particular person, start the letter with “Dear” and the name or surname of the person. Or else, if you are writing to an institution, company or media, indicate the name of it.

2. Then indicate the subject of the letter, title the letter with the topic you wish to review.

3. The first paragraph should explain the reason for the letter. Then, proceed to give your personal opinion about the topic.

4. Do not use harsh words or disrespectful ones. Always keep a formal style, especially if your opinion will be published.

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