Inquiry Letter

Description of Inquiry Letter

An inquiry letter is a very common type of letter in the business world.

Example of Inquiry Letter – sample

Inquiry Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

It is commonly used to have some information about certain products or even actions about a company, especially when a new product is realized. Follow these simple steps and you will have a correct inquiry letter. It is important to be clear about what are you asking for. Try to be clear and short, but you should be polite as much as you can.

1. First of all, because it is in fact a letter, you should include all your personal information. It must contain your address, full name, ID number, ZIP code and your phone number.

2. This kind of letter is usually written in a formal way. It is a good idea to start it with a salutation like “Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. / Mss”, but it has to be under the date.

3. Then, you need toexplain clearly the purpose of the letter, which information do you want to know and why your company wants it. Be polite and formal.

4. At the end, you can express your gratitude. You can finish the letter with an expression like “Your faithfully” putting your full name again, and sign bellow of it.

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