Experience Letter

Description of Experience Letter

If you want to apply for a job, an experience letter is a very good idea.

Example of Experience Letter – sample

Experience Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

This type of letter is very useful because you can show your skills and previous experience; but you cannot write it yourself, it is necessary a request to your boss. If you have and employee or you are asking for it, follow these items to write correctly an experience letter.

1. Begin the letter with your full name, address, phone number, and any other personal information that you consider relevant. Put this information at the top of the letter, in the right side; in the left side put the date.

2. Choose a correct salutation. It is a formal letter, so it is suitable to use “Mr.” / ”Ms.” / “Ms.” You can also use the degree according to their respective professions.

3. In the body of the letter, include all the information about the experience that the employee has, where and when did he work. Be brief but include all the information, the person who reads this letter has to be impressed.

4. Finish the letter with “Sincerely yours” or “Faithfully yours” (if you know the name of the person you are writing for) for example. Sing bellow of it, and put your full name again.

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