Engagement Letter

Description of Engagement Letter

When two people come to an agreement, it is possible to make an engagement letter so that one or both parties are obliged to fulfill their promises.

Example of Engagement Letter – sample

Engagement Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

This can also be done between a person and a company, for example. In this letter a responsibility to fulfill a promise in a specific period of time is expressed. An engagement letter expresses a number of obligations that one or both parties must comply. It is no longer an oral agreement; it becomes a written document before witnesses.

In order to write an engagement letter some things must be taken into account:

1. Both parties must be sure what is written in the letter and the responsibilities they have. This is necessary because if the agreement is not met, it may cause serious problems, even legal.

2. The date on which the document is signed must precede the letter.

3. The engagement letter should be addressed to the person or company with whom the agreement is made.

4. In the body of the letter it should be explained in detail the characteristics and conditions of the engagement, relevant dates and deadlines, responsibilities, activities and tasks, etcetera.

5. Both parties must sign the letter before witnesses if possible.

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