Endorsement Letter

Description of Endorsement Letter

Every employee can resign to his or her job for the reasons she or he consider important, there are many reasons to do it, but first it is necessary to the employee to write a resign letter explaining the reasons wich lead him or her to take that decision and to receive an answer, an endorsement letter in wich the employeer approves that fact.

Example of Endorsement Letter – sample

Endorsement Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

How to write an endorsement letter?

First the human resources department will receive the resign letter from one employee. Then it department will answer starting with the contact information of both parts: who’s resigning and the enterprise.

Star the letter’s body saying who send the previous letter, his or her workstation, how long did she or he played that role, who received that resign letter. Following, the second paragraph will contain the reason because this person want to revoke the contract.

Show knowledge about the situation and finally accept him or her to give up, according to the national statute.

To end this endorsement letter the manager have to write a order to this person for visit him or her, sign some important papers and take with her or him others, wich will be useful for this person.

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