Encouragement Letter

Description of Encouragement Letter

Writing an encouragement letter is not easy. The purpose of these letters is to show your support to an ill person and also to have some news about him/her.

Example of Encouragement Letter – sample

Letter of Encouragement

How to write? – Advice and Tips

Try to be as positive as you can, talk about how much you expect his / her recovery. We will explain you how to write a correct encouragement letter, just follow these simple items.

1. Encouragement letters are usually informal. It is a good idea to start it with a salutation like “Dear” (and the name) or “My darling” (and the name), for example.

2. Express your feelings about the situation. You can use phrases like: “I am worried about you…”, for example.

3. It is important to show in the letter that you stay positive. Try to explain why you have a good perspective of the situation and use encoura ement phrases. It is important to being prepared to help.

4. You can also talk about any questions that the person considers it relevant. You will help him/her to distract for a while.

5. At the end of the letter expressing your most sincerely affection. Finish the letter with: “Best wishes” , “Fond regards” or “All the best”.

6. Put your full name and sign under it if you consider it necessary.

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