Writing an Employment Verification Letter – Sample 2

Description of Employment Verification Letter

When a landlord asks for you to show him a letter of employment don’t take it personally, he just wants to make sure that you are qualified for an apartment

Example of Employment Verification Letter – sample

Employment Verification Letter

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How to write? – Advice and Tips

Since most of the prospective tenants tend to lie or exaggerate a bit about the company and the position or title that they work on, most people lie about how much money they make in a month in order to get better chances of qualifying for an apartment.

This is why most of the landlords now ask about an employment verification letter to make sure that everything you tell them is backed up by the information written in the letter.

If you ever run into these types of situations and the landlord doesn’t take your word and asks you the employment verification letter don’t get all mad, they are trying to crack down this type of fraud (where the prospective tenants lie and get away with it) by taking a simple step which is asking the tenants to verify the employment information they included in their rental application and that’s all.

The information that must contain in the employment verification letter is as follows:

The exact date, the employer name and employer address, and then you start writing the body of the letter which contains your information such as employee title, salary, number of hours you work, etc.

And then you end the letter with a salutation.

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