Appreciation Letter

Description of Appreciation Letter

After a person has attended a job interview, he or she may send an appreciation letter.

Example of Appreciation Letter – sample

Appreciation Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

This letter is not absolutely necessary, but it is an important detail for employers to have a good impression of the potential employee. The appreciation letter thanks the employers for the time and attention dedicated to the interview.

To write an appreciation letter there are some steps that you might consider:

1. An appreciation letter highlights your seriousness and interest in the job. This can benefit you if the company still has doubts about who to choose for the vacancy. Therefore, the letter should be formal and brief.

2. Address the letter to the person who interviewed you. You must include his or her full name, his or her title, area or department, and the name and full address of the company.

3. Begin the letter with a formal greeting. Write ‘Dear Mr. or Ms.’ and the interviewer’s last name.

4. Then thank your interviewer for the time he or she spent in the interview.

5. Include an appreciation about the interview and positive aspects.

6. Remember your interviewer your enthusiasm about being part of the company. You can also repeat your skills and qualifications.

7. Expresses that you are still available and request a response to your letter.

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