Withdrawal Letter

Description of Withdrawal Letter

Many people feel the need to give up their jobs, either for personal reasons or because they are not satisfied with their salary, they were not treated properly at work or they just do not like what they do.

Example of Withdrawal Letter – sample

Withdrawal Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

When a person wants to quit his or her job it is possible to write a letter of withdrawal. This letter is a formal procedure by which the employee gives knowledge of his or her decision to his or her employer. It should be mentioned that sometimes this letter is not enough, it is only a notice of resignation.

If you are about to send a withdrawal letter here you will find some steps to follow in order to write it properly:

1. First of all, write the date and place, and the person’s name to whom the letter is addressed to.

2. Then write a first paragraph stating that you want to quit your job voluntarily.

3. Include the reasons why you have taken this decision and mention you are sending the letter in advanced as law requests.

4. Include a paragraph of thanks for the time worked and the opportunity that the company or employer gave you.

5. Add a formal farewell and sign the letter.

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