Warning Letter

Description of Warning Letter

Within companies, order has to be maintained and it is necessary that employees fulfill their tasks without behave incorrectly.

Example of Warning Letter – sample

Warning Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

The wrong behavior of employees can generate losses to the company that is why sometimes, managers decide to send a warning letter to the employee who has had a behavior problem.

This letter is as guarantor of the employee’s misbehavior and will be kept in his or her personal file. These letters should follow a business protocol. This is how to write a warning letter:

1. The person who writes the letter should gather all the necessary information about the incident and previous incidents that may have occurred. This information should be written in the letter. If there were previous warning letters, the style must be the same.

2. The letter should also include exact dates describing the incidents occurred.

3. It is advisable to make recommendations to the employee to improve his or her attitude and avoid future problems.

4. The manager or person in charge must deliver the letter in hand and in private to the employee. If the company is satisfied with the employee’s job performance, this should be said, as proof that the company is not willing to dismiss the employee.

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