Writing a Voluntary Resignation Letter – Sample 2

Description of Voluntary Resignation Letter

The voluntary resignation letters are the ones that are used to inform your employer that you quit your job voluntarily, when you do this you don’t receive any incentive from the company that you were working for because you quit on your own terms, therefore the contract is void.

Example of Voluntary Resignation Letter – sample

Voluntary Resignation Letter

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How to write? – Advice and Tips

This letter is very important that you make it right, because a bad resignation letter will affect you giving you a bad impression, so you need to make sure that even if you are about to quit you must still have some appreciation to the employer you worked for, this won’t leave such a bad impression over you.

So now on to the fun part which is writing the letter, follow these steps to complete a good voluntary resignation letter.

The first thing we need to do is write in the upper left part of the letter our city, state and zip code, then our phone number and current email.
Write the current date that the letter is being written.

Write the name of the recipient, his job position and name of the company along with the address.

Write a simple Dear Mr. or Ms. and now the main part or body of the letter explaining why you are leaving your current job.
And finally end the letter with your signature and that’s it.

If you’re still having some problems writing the letter then look at the above example on how to write a voluntary resignation letter to help yourself in this process:

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