Suspension Letter

Description of Suspension Letter

Due to a situation of wrong behavior or break of a rule, a fight or aggression, for example, it may happen that a person is suspended from his or her job or school.

Example of Suspension Letter – sample

Suspension Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

Institutions have their rules of coexistence and the misbehavior or serious misconduct may lead to the situation in which a person is not able to return to that place, without reaching the point of expulsion or dismissal.

When this happens, the directors of the company or school will write a letter informing the person about the suspension, that is to say, he or she cannot attend the establishment for a stipulated period of time. These letters are called suspension letters.

In order to write a suspension letter some things must be taken into account so that it is written correctly:

1. The letter should indicate the period of time a person is not able to return to work or school. Make clear when the person is able to come back.

2. If it about an employee, the letter should indicate whether the person will get his or her salary or not during the suspension period.

3. You must indicate the reasons for the suspension.

4. The letter must keep formal style.

5. Finish the letter with a formal farewell.

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