Reference Letter

Description of Reference Letter

When you want to postulate for a job it is sometimes necessary to write a reference letter.

Example of Reference Letter – sample

Reference Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

What does it mean? A reference letter it is an opinion written by your last employer in wich him or her writes about your performance, what you did, how well was your performance, the relationship among mates, and other things.

This text will be useful for your new employer to know you, your skills and those achievements you attain in your last job.

How to write a reference letter? First you have to collect a list of professional achievements to whom you are written. Then, in the first paragraph explain your conection with this person, included how do you know him or her, why are you writing this letter and why are you qualified to do it.

In the second paragraph include concrete information about this person, like why is this person qualified for a specific job or workstation, in what areas would she or he contribute. Explain any detail you consider necessary.

In the third paragraph, if you are writing this letter for a specific workstation, it will be good if you would write explaining or including how the candidate’s skills have conection with the job’s requested skills.

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