Proposal Letter

Description of Proposal Letter

This letter is similar to a letter of agreement. In a letter of proposal, what we do is to ask a person or a company to do an activity that is not normally done.

Example of Proposal Letter – sample

Proposal Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

In a letter of proposal the person who writes the letter is asking for an action that is not ordinarily performed. For instance, a letter of proposal can be written when someone needs a museum to be opened a day that is not normally opened or when an organization needs some public space to make an event or a public activity.

There is no precise way to write a proposal letter but some aspects must be taken into account, for example:

1. You need to specify what benefit the other party gets with the proposal. Proposal letters should always offer something in return.

2. The cooperation of the other party is not sought in this case, but they are given something in return. For example, if we ask the council to cede us a public space for an event, we can offer in return that half of the gains are for the social fund.

3. Keep a formal style and be brief.

4. Ask in your letter for an answer in order to know whether the other party has accepted the proposal or not.

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