Promotion Letter

Description of Promotion Letter

A promotion letter is not a letter that is commonly used but it serves to get an interview in a company, for example.

Example of Promotion Letter – sample

Promotion Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

These letters must be addressed to the company’s managers or people in charge of selecting staff. With this letter you may have a chance to get an interview and a future job within the company.

In order to write a formal letter of promotion, just follow some advice as mentioned below:

1. This letter is send when there is not a job request. You do not know if they actually need a new staff member. So, you are going to send the letter expecting to be taken into account if a vacancy arises.

2. You should know that this letter is a general approach to the company’s managers so, do not include all the information regarding your job experience. Include some skills and achievements you consider important in order to call the attention of the addressee and make a reference to your resume, attached to the letter.

3. Evaluate your professional experience and highlight all the positive aspects you know are going to be important within the company.

4. Say you are available for an interview and that you are willing to contribute with the company.

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