Professional Reference Letter

Description of Professional Reference Letter

When a person is postulated to get a job, he or she will probably ask a former boss or acquaintance for a reference letter. When a job position is offered, many candidates will deliver their resume.

Example of Professional Reference Letter – sample

Professional Reference Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

That is why a reference letter is a very useful tool that helps eliminate candidates faster. What is most important in a letter of reference is the one who writes it. Sometimes the same company requests a reference letter to corroborate previous experience. In education a student can also request a reference letter to a teacher for a scholarship, for example.

If you have to write a professional reference letter here you will find some things to keep in mind:

1. To begin the letter, write the name of the person who will receive it. Make sure you know his or her name and his or her position or title.

2. In the first paragraph make a brief introduction about you, especially your relationship with the candidate, how you met him or her and how your experience was.

3. Then, explain how it was your working or educational experience with the candidate, his or her skills and strengths.

4. It is important to give concrete examples of your experience with the candidate.

5. Avoid mentioning weaknesses or negative points.

6. The letter should conclude with a formal farewell.

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