Writing a Permission Letter – Sample 2

Description of Permission Letter

Well to be honest the letter of permission is quite vague due to being so many different circumstances that this letter may be used, here are some indications that might help you out in making it easier to write your own permission letter.

Example of Permission Letter – sample

Permission Letter

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How to write? – Advice and Tips

First thing you need to do is write a letter subject, it’s always a nice idea to let the reader or recipient of the letter know in advance what the letter is all about.

Secondly you need to address it to the proper authority, if it’s for a school trip then you may want to address the school teacher or the headmaster.

Third you need to state your purpose, this must be done with clarity and confidence, let the reader know that you intend to give permission. Fourth step should be to provide the who, what and when.

For this you need to provide the person’s full name and the relation to you, the event that you are giving permission to and also very important the date that is going to occur.

Then you must provide your contact information like email, phone number, etc. Close the letter and then sign with your name at the end of the letter.

It’s not that hard to write a permission letter weather it’s a school trip or at work the guidelines are almost the same, with a few minor exceptions on how formal it may have to be.

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