Notification Letter

Description of Notification Letter

When we have done some activity and we must inform someone about it, what we can do is to write a letter of notification.

Example of Notification Letter – sample

Notification Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

This letter is a formal way to notify someone about something we have done or will do in the future. This letter does not require that the other party answers the letter, but the recipient should at least confirm its reception to avoid future inconvenience. The letter should be formal but it must also have a simple and natural style, without too much exaggeration in the words used.

In order to write a notification letter in a proper way you can follow some simple steps:

1. Begin the letter with a formal greeting. Start the introduction with ‘dear sir or madam’, if you know the name of the person write ‘dear Mr. or Ms.’ and the person’s last name.

2. In a notification letter you must use formulas of respect but do not exaggerate formality.

3. Write the first paragraph referring to what you have done or will do in the future. That is to say, make the notification.

4. Invite the addressee of the letter to talk about the notification in person if needed.

5. Finally, write a formal farewell and sign the letter.

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