Notice to Vacate Letter

Description of Notice to Vacate Letter

When a person rents a residence, whether a house or an apartment, or a place to have a store, a lease must be signed in which the period of time that a tenant will remain on the property is stipulated.

Example of Notice to Vacate Letter – sample

Notice to Vacate Letter

How to write? – Advice and Tips

Now if the tenant decides to leave the property early, that is to say he or she will break the contract and move out before the tome stipulated, the tenant must write to his or her landlord a notice to vacate letter. In general, the tenant should send the letter at least one month in advance so that the landlord can find another tenant. In many cities you have to pay extra money to abandon a property early.

In order to write a notice to vacate letter there should be some things present:

1. First, write the date.

2. Then write your name and current address.

3. As the topic of the letter write ‘Notice to Vacate’

4. Then, write ‘dear’ and the name of the landlord or the company in charge.

5. In the first paragraph of the letter say that you are about to vacate the property. Indicate the date when you are going to move on.

6. If you have made a deposit for possible damage and the house is in good conditions, you may ask the landlord for a refund.

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