Writing a Notice Letter – Sample N°2

Description of Notice Letter

The notice letter, also known as the resignation letter can be used to write to your employer saying your goodbyes because you are ready to move on, but take note that you must try to leave on good terms with your previous employer.

Example of Notice Letter – sample

Notice Letter

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How to write? – Advice and Tips

To start writing the letter follow these simple steps:

1. – Give proper notice to your employer. It’s a very simple courtesy to give your employer a reasonable amount of time to find another employee who can fill your position, if your job position is quite complicated then you will need to give him more time in order to train the person who is going to fill your position.

2. – Say thank you. Whatever you do, you must resist the temptation of leaving a piece of your mind to your employer unless you want to be remembered as an ungrateful winner that may affect you when you go looking for another job.

3. – Always stay professional. Be very respectful when writing the notice letter to your employer.

4. – Try to soften up a bit the fact that you are leaving the company.

For the most part you don’t need to be so formal with this letter, just remember to be polite and don’t say or write anything bad that might leave you with a bad example, you never know when you might need to come back to the same employer to look for a job.

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