Writing a Memorandum Letter – Sample 2

Description of Memorandum Letter

The memorandum letter or “memo” is intended to inform a select group of people about an event or specific issue and encourages them to take action.

Example of Memorandum Letter – sample

Memorandum Letter

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How to write? – Advice and Tips

The word “memorandum” means that something should be remembered or at least kept in mind that’s why in any kind of working environment there are always memos written all over a dash board indicating or giving instruction to a certain group of people, info such as a simple policy they must follow, regulations or resources.

Here are some easy steps that you can follow as a guideline to write a memorandum letter very quick and easy:

1. Write the heading segment. You must specify who the memo is for and who is sending it and also write the exact date the memo was written and the subject matter is very important to let them or him know what the memo is all about.

2. You must carefully consider who the audience of this letter should be.

3. Now introduce the issue or problem that you want to address to your readers in the opening segment of the letter, in order to do this you must briefly give them the context of the action you wish you want them to take in order to solve the issue.

4. You can suggest ways to address the issue at hand in the summary segment of the letter.

5. Try to be persuasive stating how the readers will benefit from taking the action that you recommended.

6. Close the memo with a friendly ending.

7. Proofread your memo and do some corrections if you need to before you deliver it.

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