Letter of Support

Description of Letter of Support

When a person goes through a complicated situation and is sad, worried or experiencing a tense moment, you can write a letter of support.

Example of Letter of Support – sample

Letter of Support

How to write? – Advice and Tips

You can also write a letter of support to a company, for example, when the company is in a critical situation, either by an economic problem or any other issue. These letters are usually written in times of crisis, but a letter of support could also be written to someone who undertakes a project and needs our support to not give up.

There is not a fixed model to write a letter of support, but you can follow some advice as explained below:

1. The letter begins with a formal greeting. If you are writing to a company, indicate the name of it and begin the letter with ‘to whom it may concern’ or ‘dear sir or madam’. If you are writing to a person write ‘dear’ and the person’s name.

2. The first paragraph should contain the reason why you write the letter. You can write ‘I am writing to you with the aim to offer my support…’

3. Then write one or more paragraphs explaining why you are giving your support to the company or person.

4. Make a formal farewell and sign the letter.

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