Letter of Medical Necessity

Description of Letter of Medical Necessity

A letter of medical necessity is a very particular type of letter.

Example of Letter of Medical Necessity – sample

letter of medical necessity

How to write? – Advice and Tips

Only doctors tend to write them because the purposes of this letters are to appeal for a denied service. For example, if your patient needs some kind of medicine, but his medical insurance does not want to afford it, you will have to write a letter of medical necessity. We will explain you how to write it in just a few items.

1. Firts of all, you have to be clear and specific, it is important to be serious and use medical facts. Be brief, but explain every event if it is necessary. Try to be as clear as you can.

2. First of all, explain who you are. This includes your full name, location, zip code and also your profession. It is important to specify all about your relationship with your patient.

3. You have to convince the respective authority that your patient really needs the medicine or the treatment. Be as persuasive as you can. Give supporting medical evidence, this is crucial.

4. Finish the letter showing your gratitude, do a little resume and add your full name under it. Sign and put your phone number or e-mail if you want it too.

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