Letter of Marque

Description of Letter of Marque

In the past the letters of marque were very used, talking about the Middle and Modern ages.

Example of Letter of Marque – sample

Letter of Marque

How to write? – Advice and Tips

These letters allowed the mayors of cities defend themselves off pirate attacks. With this letter, a boat owner had the power to attack enemy ships and populations.

This way, the holder of the letter became part of the Navy of the country that authorized the permission. It was not easy to write a letter of marque, as many clauses and pre established formulas were to be taken into account. We are talking about a document of great importance that used to be written with the utmost politeness and formality.

To write a letter of marque some aspects were taken into account and we mention them below:

1. To write a letter of marque it was necessary to follow certain courtesies, including honorary degrees and emphasize securing the monarch.

2. It was necessary to appoint if the person receiving the letter was lord, sir, Lieutenant, and so on, as well as the relationship between the town and the reign.

3. The place and date of the letter had to be written as well as the responsibilities that the receiver of the letter had. The crown of the reign authorized such powers to the person concerned, making reference to the permissions to attack enemy ships.

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